Gen Beauty (By Ipsy) Weekend!

Hey all. I know I don’t really blog much anymore (Instagram is my main source of posting content) but it’s been a crazy few months. However, I wanted to blog about this certain event I went to this weekend just because it was my first time going to a beauty convention. I wanted to share my thoughts & experience with you.

Now I didn’t get many pictures. In fact, I didn’t get any at all at the actual event. Here are the makeup looks I wore though.

First Day of Gen Beauty – Neutral Smokey Eye No Liner Makeup


Second Day of Gen Beauty – Dark Blue Smokey Eye 


Generation (Gen) Beauty is hosted by Michelle Phan’s company, Ipsy. If you’re not familiar with Ipsy, they are basically a subscription box company that sends you a few samples of makeup products for $10/month. In addition, you might be familiar with popular Ipsy stylists like Desi Perkins, Lustrelux (Katy), and Chrisspy.

Ipsy also has an Open Studios program for boys and girls who want to start building their beauty career. I was accepted into the program a few months ago and as a perk of being a member, I got invited to Gen Beauty complimentary.

Side Note: If you’re a beauty creator that is looking for a great way to start networking and also building a strong social media platform for your content, I highly suggesting checking out Ipsy OS and applying! Click here for more info.

I’ll start off by saying that if you’re not a really big person to socialize, then this event might not be for you. The major difference between Gen Beauty and IMATS (another popular beauty convention) is that Gen Beauty focuses more on the social media side (For example, meeting your favorite beauty guru) where as IMATS is strictly just for buying makeup products.

Gen Beauty was held at LA Live this year. They also have Gen Beauty in New York around fall time (October). I honestly didn’t know what to expect since I’ve never been to an event like this before. I immediately was overwhelmed when I walked in because it was so crowded! The venue size wasn’t ideal for the amount of people attending at all.

A lot of small and big makeup brands were at the event this year, the most popular ones being NYX, Too Faced, Benefit, Makeup Forever, Tarte Cosmetics, & many more. The great thing about Gen Beauty is that you get free goodies. However, the amount of work you have to put in to get that free item sometimes isn’t worth it. A lot of them made you post something on social media and some of them made you write a review on products that you may/may have not used (cheating imo).

For the popular brands, lines were closed off for the majority of the time or it became too long and it just wasn’t worth waiting for anymore.

If you don’t mind waiting in long lines for meet and greets with your favorite beauty guru then this event is definitely for you! However, if you’re looking to just buy makeup, I would say skip Gen Beauty and go to IMATS because a lot of the booths weren’t selling much except for a few!

PROS of Gen Beauty
Free items from featured brands at Gen Beauty.
2. Goodie bags each day of Gen Beauty filled with different products
3. Good deals on makeup (depending if they were selling their products or not)
4. Meet and Greets with popular beauty gurus from Youtube and Instagram

CONS of Gen Beauty
1. Too crowded for the venue! If it was spread out, it would’ve been much more enjoyable
2. Lines to popular brands were always closed or too long. You would have to get there early to receive a product.
3. The amount of work you had to put in to get in your free product was ridiculous at times . I didn’t really like having to write a five star review on Sephora that I’ve never tried. In addition, some booths made you take your lipstick off & put on their lip product that you had to take a pic with so that you were eligible to keep it.
4. Registering for Gen Beauty. I’m use to registering for music festivals but I just think it would’ve been easier if we could’ve registered online and they could mail us our badge and “passport”

Overall, I would rate my experience a C+. I wouldn’t attend Gen Beauty again only because it’s not really fit for me. Have you ever attended Gen Beauty? How do you like it?

I hope I can attend IMATS next year! I was planning on going to Gen Beauty in New York, but I’m not so sure anymore!



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