EASY HOW TO: Getting an Intense Highlight

If it’s one thing that I am absolutely in love with, it’s a strong intense highlight. This is probably my favorite part of my face routine! I was never really a big highlight type of person but now that I can see how much of a beautiful glow it adds to your entire makeup look, I am obsessed.

These two tricks are so easy so this post will be pretty short!

My current favorite highlighters are by Anastasia Beverly Hills. She has four illuminators total, but I own three out of the four.

Starlight – White Gold

So Hollywood – True Gold

Riviera – Rose Gold

Peach Nectar – Apricot Gold

All of these illuminators are gold based which I love. I don’t own Starlight because it’s too light for my skintone, but I do own the rest and it looks beautiful on medium skintones!

Now my trick to get this beautiful glow right here:

Is to use the illuminators WET. This will intensify the highlight a lot more. Another thing is to NEVER be afraid of putting too much highlight on. I use a Real Techniques setting brush to apply this highlight on. I use the highlight wet two times & then after I will dip my brush into the illuminators again about three more times. So.. in summary, just keep packing it on for that intense glow!

To use these highlighters wet, I spray a little of Mac’s Fix+ on my brush that has the product on it already.

So really the two things to remember is:

1. Use your highlighter WET
2. Keep packing that highlighter on until you get the desired intensity

I miss blogging on here a lot. It’s just that school is always one of my priorities now & midterm exams are now coming up. So hard to be consistent while being a college student. I love you all & hope you are doing extremely well.

Reminder that I do have a 10k giveaway going on right now on my Instagram account. You guys have been so sweet to me so I really hope you enter so that you have a chance to win a few of my favorite beauty products as a thank you for following & supporting me (even when I had a makeup block).

IMG_0802 copy


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