Summer Night Out Sultry Halo Eyes – Velour Lashes Inspired Part 2

So I shared with you guys my take on a “summer” makeup look that I wear a lot when I don’t really want to get all glammed up. I wanted to share with you what I would wear if I were to go out during summer nights. It’s common to darken up your makeup or go for a smokey eye look when you’re going out at night so that’s kind of what I did. Except it’s not super smokey, I cannot pull off a really smokey eye for my life!

This look is definitely still wearable compared to some of the other looks I did! I loved how it turned out! I will give you a basic product breakdown, only because most of the products I used are the same ones I used for my summer inspired look.

Products Used – The Balm Nude ‘Tude Palette shade in Sexy (inner/outer corner, lower lashline), Colourpop Cosmetics & Kathleenlights collab super shock shadow in Kathleenlights, Velour Lashes in Girl, You Crazy!

Short & simple post! Haha. Also, I wanted to share some of the apps I use to edit my pictures. I think it’s pretty obvious that I do use a skin softening app, however, that feature is already built into my camera so I use that! But, I do use Facetune, Snapsneed, VSCO Cam (Sometimes), & Instagram to edit my photos.

I really don’t see anything wrong with editing your photos. It’s always crazy to see girls get so worked up on it. Just do you know, ya know? Someone sent me a message on tumblr telling me it was unnecessary & misleading. I think it’s just so rude when people tell you how to take your pictures/edit your pictures. If you like the makeup, that’s all that matters! What’s your take on girls editing their photos?

Share your thoughts with me!


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