Beauty Wishlist – Nail Polish Edition

Hey! So I have been in love with getting my nails done lately & I decided to gather up a wishlist of a few shades I wanted to add to my collection. I cannot paint my own nails whatsoever, but I always love to invest in a few nail polish shades so that I can bring it to my nail lady to paint them for me!

I got my nails done this week & I loved how it turned out. I’m super big on the light nude or sheer colored polishes right now! As for my toes, I love to get a bright color because it makes myself look more tan haha.

Essie “Limo-Scene” (Sheer Pastel Pink)

Also, I just wanted to add that I don’t get gel or acrylics. My mom has blessed me with long nail beds so there’s no need for acrylics! I just let my nails grow out & I let my nail lady shape them hehe.

1. Essie Mint Candy Apple

2. Essie Brides To Be

3. Essie Sunday Funday

4. OPI Step Right Up!

5. Sephora Formula X (Sheer Strength) Fierce

Are you more a nail art type of person or just keeping it plain & simple with just one color? I personally like to get one color. However, if I had the skills to do my own nails, I definitely would be more into nail art! Otherwise, it would get way too pricey for letting someone else do it! I only say this because I went to Hawaii last New Years & I ended up paying $90 for a manicure & pedicure! EEPS! I got gel polish & cute little studs put on each nail. SIGH. Never again! Just sticking to my regular old polish this time!

DISCLAIMER: Nail polish pictures used belong to StyleList HQ, Essie, Sephora, & OPI


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