Mini update! 

Hey! I’m currently posting this on mobile right now so I apologize if it looks funky & different from what you’re use to!

I just came back from San Diego & I’m so exhausted. I went on a mini vacation with my entire family & boyfriend to celebrate 4th of July.

Last week my boyfriend ended up buying some lights & a mic for my camera, so I should be getting back to filming soon! Hopefully Tuesday, when he is over here. Setting it up by myself gets so tiring for sure lol.

So I’m currently in a makeup stump/writers block, meaning I need ideas! So if you could leave your Instagram below or your favorite makeup artists Instagram below, it would so be greatly appreciated!

Also, follow me on Instagram as well & comment to let me know that you did so that I can follow you back!

I love looking at people’s Instagram pages so I can get inspiration!

My Instagram is Monair

🙂 I hope you have a lovely week! Hopefully I will have a blog post up tomorrow! What do you want to read or what are you interested in? Lmk!


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