Favorites of the Week – Highlighter Edition

I’ve recently become obsessed with highlighters! I just love how it makes you look so glowy & dewy. I’m a huge fan of dewy glowy skin, so I definitely pack on that highlight, hehe. So I recently bought 3 highlighters that I would say are fairly popular! I also have my eyes on another popular highlighter on the market as well.. hehe. Well I have my eyes on a few, let’s be honest!

I love using these highlighters with my Mac 130 (Short Duo Fiber brush)! All three highlighters are super pigmented and give such a gorgeous glow! Do you think there is such thing as TOO much highlight? You tell me!

Makeup Forever Pro+Sculpting Duo in 02

I guess if I would have to pick between a golden highlight or champagne highlight, I would lean towards the golden highlight more. MUFE Pro+Sculpting Duo has two shades 01 (Pink Beige) and 02 (Golden). I’m pretty tan already so 02 gave me a nice golden glowy finish, it really looked like I just came from a vacation on an island! I love looking bronzed & glowy and this gave the perfect look!

Where Can I Buy It & How Much Is It?  I bought mine at Sephora for $40.

The Balm Betty-Lou Manizer

This is truly a bronze highlight! If I want to look extra tan & sun kissed, I would lean towards this one!
Where Can I Buy It & How Much Is It? I bought mine at Kohls for $24.

The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer

Mary-Lou Manizer is more of a honey hued highligher rather than a bronze (like Betty-Lou). This would give your face a more subtle glow rather than a sun kissed glow!
Where Can I Buy It & How Much Is It? 
I bought mine at Kohls for $24.


In this picture, I mixed all three highlighters together! Super intense highlight, but I absolutely LOVE it. 

Have you heard of the new trend called ‘Strobing’? What do you think of it? It basically focuses on the highlighting aspect & no contouring at all! I think it looks so beautiful but I have no idea if I could live without a contour!

What are some of your favorite highlighters? I think the next highlighter I’m going to get is the Laura Geller Baked Gelato Swirl highlighter in Gilded Honey!


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