My Makeup Experience – 3 Years Ago til Now

The most common question I get from people is, “How do you do your makeup so well?”. My answer is always the same and although it may sound cliche, practice REALLY DOES make perfect (or almost at least hehe).

Have you ever looked back at old photos of yourself and think, “What the heck was I thinking doing that makeup look!?” or “What was wrong with my eyebrows!?”. I had that moment today when I decided to look back at old pictures of myself from high school, but I decided to compare those photos to recent photos to myself.

While I was looking through the pictures, I realized that something changed throughout the years. My makeup had improved in the span of 3 years and I honestly never realized it until now.

Although I enjoy fashion and making lifestyle posts, sharing my makeup looks and thoughts on beauty products is where I really thrive. So today I wanted to make a post about my makeup experience throughout the years. I will also provide pictures of how I did my makeup back then as well!

I guess I should start off by giving you a little background and when/how I started getting into makeup. First off I want to say that I am not a makeup artist whatsoever, I am just simply a makeup enthusiast! Although, I have done a few of my friends makeup before.

I use to be the biggest tomboy back in grade school & high school (I still am sometimes!). The only things I wore back in middle school and high school were t-shirts (specifically band shirts), jeans, and sneakers. However, I developed an interest in makeup when I was in 8th grade. Now, when I say “developed” an interest I really was just interested in eyeliner and mascara. Although my makeup interest did not grow as years went by, I still went for mascara and a little top liner as my everyday look for school.

Sophomore Year of High School –

I had no idea how much eyebrows would mean to me later on. As for eyeshadows, I didn’t know having a ton of brushes could be beneficial. I just stuck to the sponge applicator that always comes with the little palette. High end products did not exist to me back then, I was a teenager with a mom who would always want to keep my makeup to a minimum.

As time went by, my interest in makeup grew. I discovered more makeup companies like Urban Decay, Bare Minerals, etc. In fact, my first ever high end palette was Urban Decay’s Naked palette. I still remember entering Ulta with my mom and she had finally agreed to buy it for me! The only foundation I wore in high school was mineral powder foundation because my mom claimed that it was better for my skin.

Junior year of high school when I started wearing more eye makeup –

Ugh yeah, I actually thought that looked good back then. It’s okay, I’m not ashamed. I definitely learned from my mistakes! I know all of us have pictures of our makeup looking horrendous at some point, haha.

I didn’t start wearing liquid foundation until after high school. Even when I did start wearing liquid foundation, I would always stick with the drugstore products (Revlon Colorstay or Covergirl 3 in 1). I did not start wearing high end foundation until my sophomore year of college! However, when I did start getting into liquid foundation that is when I started getting more into filling in my eyebrows, false lashes, buying more makeup brushes, etc.

Freshman Year of College –

Big difference right? Although my eyebrows aren’t “on fleek”, they looked way better than the picture I posted before! This is the moment I fell in love with false lashes because I realized how they can open your eyes so much more. I haven’t stopped wearing false lashes since! (Except when I’m wearing no makeup).

Also, I didn’t really get into threading/waxing my eyebrows until the second semester of my freshman year. Super crazy because when I got them done for the first time, I was so shocked at how doing my eyebrows became so much easier when I had an actual shape to follow!

Surprisingly, this is when I realized I was getting better and better at makeup.

Second Semester of Freshman Year of College

Notice the big difference in my eyebrows? This was after I got my eyebrows waxed! And also, that is my natural hair color, it’s a really dark brown not black, LOL.

After that, I started getting into highlighting and contouring, more dramatic eye looks which brings me to today…

A look I created today! (Product details below)

Eyes – Anastasia Single Shadows Burnt Orange (Transition), Sienna (Crease), Chocolate (Outer part of Crease). Noir (Outer V), Metal (Lids). Lips – Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in Craft

 I did major damage at the Anastasia section at Macy’s! I was so excited to finally get my hands on some liquid lipsticks and single shadows!

I guess the point of this post is to tell you that if you want to get better at something you enjoy doing, you’re going to have do it consistently to improve your skills! We all have to start somewhere!

I hope you found this post at least somewhat interesting! I definitely still have more to learn in the makeup world!

What’s the hardest thing for you when it comes to applying makeup?  Mine is definitely eyebrows or lipsticks!

Tomorrow, I have planned to film a detailed review on the Spin Brush and make a post dedicated to my first ever Rocksbox!

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