Adore Me – Lashes & Lingerie

Good morning! I’m back with another post but this time it’s quite different. If you guys didn’t know, I have a secret love for lingerie especially black lacy items, I think they are so cute yet can make me feel sexy at the same time when I’m wearing them!

Some people may freak out when they see the words lingerie and sexy put together, but I think it’s awesome that you can feel that way just by putting on simple lingerie pieces. If it makes you feel sexy & confident, do it! has a beautiful lingerie collection and swimsuit collection/sleepwear collection as well!

When I think of black lingerie, I always think of big sexy voluminous curls, vampy lips, full flirty lashes – and to make it even sexier, black strappy heels.

So I created a little lingerie fashion set being inspired by their lingerie collection & my personal beauty/fashion taste. As always, I’ve provided links to the items below just in case you are interested in purchasing them!

From Left to Right – Adore Me Black Nanette Contour bra & panties, Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in Heathers, Steven Madden Strap Heels in Stecy, Velour Lashes in Girl, You Craazy!

To spice it up a bit, I would always pair it with a black silky kimono, such as the one pictured below (Couldn’t find a better picture)

Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy Kimono

What are some items that you wear to make yourself feel sexy? What are your favorite lingerie pieces?

Make sure to check my links page to visit the websites where I go these beautiful blog freebies!


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