Mini Sephora Haul (Includes Makeup Look with new items)

Hey all! Over the weekend my boyfriend surprised me with a $50 gift card to Sephora so I decided to roam through the store to find what products I would want. It was so difficult for me to pick what products I wanted but in the end I chose eye products. Also, a couple weeks ago I ordered the Tartelette Palette when the VIB sale was going on so I’ll also include the palette in this post as well.

Since Sephora carries high end products, I didn’t get much at all since they are expensive and $50 usually covers 1-2 items. So I ended up walking out with 2 items (3 if you count the Tartelette Palette)

Left to Right – Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Fishnet (Top left corner), Stila Metal Foil Shadow in Kitten (Bottom left corner), and Tartelette Palette

I bought Urban Decay’s single eyeshadow in Fishnet and Stila’s Magnificent Metal Foil shadow in Kitten.

When I laid my eyes on Fishnet, I knew I had to buy it. It’s a beautiful purple shade with pink reflective shimmer in it. It’s so gorgeous. This eyeshadow retails for $18. I find that this shadow looks best when applied with your fingers or when it’s wet.

Kitten is a beautiful nude pink shade. The shadow is wet to the touch (creamy in a way). The package comes with a little pan and mixing medium as well. However, I find that using a brush with this shadow does absolutely nothing, you get the most product when you use your fingers. But I did see that if you use a synthetic brush, it’ll show up on your eyes! A lot of people compared this eyeshadow to Colour Pop’s eyeshadow (Colourpop retails for $5). Stila’s Metal foil shadow retails for $32.

Here are some swatches below! All of it was used without primer. I also want to apologize for some of the lighter colors not showing up since I am pretty tan!

I like to use the cream/white shades from the Tartelette palette to set my eyeshadow base so that it’ll make it blend easier. I also use it as a brow bone highlight.

So when I got home from Sephora, I decided that I was going to incorporate all these new items in my makeup look.

So this is what I came up with!

Transition Color – Wanderer from Tartelette Palette
Crease/Inner Corner/Outer Corner – Dreamer/Multi-tasker mixed together from Tartelette Palette
Lid – Fishnet from Urban Decay w/ Kitten from Stila on top
Lower Lashline – Fishnet from Urban Decay

I loved how it turned out! When I first applied Kitten to my lid, it was really harsh but I packed on Fishnet back on top and it turned into a nice glittery purple!

So that was basically my mini Sephora haul! My boyfriend always gets me Sephora gift cards because there are some deals that he has where he will get some money back when he buys a gift card. I’m definitely not complaining, hehe.

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