April 2015 Fashion Wishlist

Good morning! I’ve been contemplating about making this post for awhile now because I’ve realized that I have yet to include a fashion post on my blog! During the week, I’ll be honest, I aim for comfort more than looks. That’s only because I am spending the majority of my week at school! It’s a different story when it comes to the weekend though, I love get dressed up and do my makeup. I definitely put in more effort to my outfits over the weekend ūüėČ

When it come to shopping, I don’t usually splurge. In fact, I’m not too big on going to the mall when it comes to shopping for clothes. I just get way too overwhelmed when I go inside a store and I see all these cute clothes around me! However, when I do go shopping at the mall I will usually buy maybe one or two items and be done (unless I have a gift card that I can use, then I’ll splurge hehe). I definitely prefer online shopping rather than in store. I also find that I tend to find more styles I like online rather than in store as well!

Since I don’t splurge too often, I decided to make a wishlist on a few¬†items I would like to get eventually (hopefully by the end of this month, but no promises). I’ll be in New York in 2 weeks time so hopefully I get a good shopping session in if I have time!

The majority of these items either come from Forever 21 or Tobi (an online store). I’ll put a link next to each item regarding where the items are from just in case you might be interested!

Since it’s spring and summer is almost here, most of the clothes will be suited for those seasons.

The majority of my tops will be tank tops, crop tops, or just plain t-shirts since it’s sunny and hot! Also since it’s festival season (I actually have no idea when exactly festival season is because honestly it seems year round), these would be super cute to wear to a festival or concert!

1. Sweet On You Top from Tobi

2. Crotchet-Paneled Top from Forever 21

3. Get the Cold Shoulder Top from Tobi

I have an obsession with kimonos. They are so cute and I love how they can just make your outfit have a little more ‘umph’. It’s also perfect for the spring/summer weather! Although there are some gorgeous kimonos that are long, I still prefer the medium/short length ones! I also lean towards the floral print ones, they just fit with the spring season! Here’s a¬†couple¬†that I have had my eyes on

1. Fringed Floral-Embroidered Kimono from Forever 21

2. Rose Print Kimono

I’m not really a dress type of girl but I love summer dresses. I think they are so cute and they’re super comfortable to wear! Also it changes up the whole “top and shorts” outfit during spring/summer time. In my family we have a lot of summer birthdays so wearing dresses to their parties are pretty ideal for me because not only do they look cute but they also help with hiding my food baby after eating all delicious food ūüėČ

1. Crotchet-Paneled Open Shoulder Dress from Forever 21

2. Go For It Dress from Tobi

3. Nasty Gal Knot Over You Dress from Nasty Gal

High-waisted shorts are pretty popular during the sunny hot weather. Although they are super cute, I find them super uncomfortable to wear! So I prefer not to wear them for the most part but there are some days where I will make an exception. The thing that bugs me the most about them is that they are either too big and loose on me or they’re the perfect size but my butt feels totally exposed (TMI, I know but does anyone else feel that way!?)

1. Sunrise & Set Shorts from Tobi

2. Sunset Denim Shorts from Tobi

3. Floral Love Shorts from Tobi

Alright so this is the last part of my wishlist. I have my eyes on only two different type of styles. One being sandals and the other being booties. I have been wanting these for awhile now but I could never find the perfect style until recently. I won’t be getting those exact sandals but I’m trying to find a similar style for a cheaper price!

1. Steve Madden Plover Booties from Steve Madden

2. Joie Leo Lace Up Sandals from Tobi

I hope to get some of these items this month! As you can tell, I shop at Forever 21 and Tobi the most. They’re all reasonably priced! Also, if you sign up for an account on Tobi you get 50% off your first order!

I’m deciding whether or not to do a makeup of the day post. Would you guys be interested? I haven’t done a hair/makeup post in awhile simply because I haven’t been wearing makeup or doing anything to my hair. I’ve been so busy with homework this week, I haven’t had the time to go anywhere except for the gym!

Let me know what your guys favorite shops are (online or in store). I’m interested in hearing them! Hopefully, I’ll find some goodies on there as well!

All graphics used were from welivedhappilyeverafter.com, irocksowhat.com, and lovelytocu.com


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