Quick Hair Update!

QUICK NOTE – I’m using the WordPress app right now on my phone. Sorry if it looks funky on the website! 

Long time no post. I apologize so much. I’ve been apologizing for the same thing over and over again but school is just so stressful. I’m dreading it but I do have spring break coming up on the 6th of April. 

I feel horrible at keeping up with a blog. Lol but I’m really trying to get through school with good grades this semester since it’s my last semester at a community college before I transfer to a four year university.

Anyway, I did chop my hair! I am absolutely in love with my short hair right now. My head feels 20 pounds lighter! Lol. 


I got so tired of my long hair so I finally had the guts to cut it and I’m not disappointed!

Okay that’s all I have to say for now. I need to head to bed and then go to school tomorrow. I’m trying to get through this week so I can post more! I have a quiz tomorrow and a midterm on Thursday so I will be a busy gal! Hehe 

Have a lovely week! -Monair


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