First Haircut & Room Change!

Hello hello! So I decided to cut my hair short but I am doing it in steps. I have one more haircut to go to get to the length I want! It is still pretty long but it’s also way shorter than what I had before. But I am so glad that I won’t be dealing with long hair for awhile because I’m honestly just so tired of styling it. It takes forever because I have A LOT OF HAIR. Don’t mind my boyfriends foot in the photo lol.

In addition to my haircut, I finished moving my room around Saturday night! Yay! I have so much more room, which means I have more room to film! It’s awesome because I have two big windows that’ll shoot daylight into my room and I love filming in natural light, it’s fantastic. I only have one LED light right now and my videos look like absolute crap with it on when I film at night so expect videos during the day!

I’m hoping to invest in some umbrella lights and hopefully a ring light later on. It’s a process because the equipment is so freaking expensive.

Short and simple post but I just wanted to update you guys! Also I won’t be posting as much this week because I have a Calc test on Thursday and I am going to Beyond Wonderland Friday & Saturday. I hope my boyfriend remembers to bring his camera this time so I can take some pictures and film some videos there. Hehe.

Have a great week all ❤ -Monair


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