Bad News & Another Future Makeup Look Video Idea!

So after I filmed my “GRWM – Go To Simple Eye Makeup” video, I was editing it and uploading it to youtube when my lovely boyfriend told me that it would be faster if I would just hook up the ethernet directly to my Macbook. Well, as he did that for me, he ended up dropping my external hard drive and now all of my data is gone! 😦 It sucks because if you remember my Valentines Day Makeup look I posted last month, I actually filmed it but I stored it on my hard drive so I can review it later.

Oh well, accidents happen. I will try to film that makeup look as soon as my new external hard drive comes in! I don’t really like storing it directly onto my Macbook because it’ll reach capacity really fast and knowing me, I get really lazy to actually clean out my Macbook sometimes. So I would rather just edit my videos and upload the final project to my external. Also, while I film makeup tutorials, my external is always plugged into my Macbook so that I can automatically transfer to my external and delete it on my camera so that I have free memory space. So sorry guys, no new videos anytime soon! I’m super bummed about it too.

I’m also still trying to test out how to film better videos/edit them better so please bare with me. If my videos seem lame at the moment, it’s because I’m trying to get the hang of things still! I am trying to move my room around currently and I’m still figuring out ways to make it so that I have more room in my bedroom. I eventually want to make my bedroom my designated filming area! Currently, I film in my living room/dining room because there are two french doors located there and so I get the best natural lighting that way.

Just wanted to update you guys on that! I’ll be posting more on my blog though, like I said. I’ve been studying for my first Chem exam that’s tomorrow all day and my brain has officially been fried so I decided it was time to stop and go to sleep. I’m going to be waking up super early tomorrow morning though to finish studying before the exam!

Alright, so onto the second part of this post, I wanted to share with you a makeup look that I did a couple weeks ago when I went to a concert. It’s a more cool toned look, but I loved how it turned out! (The picture is taken from my instagram, sorry if it looks weird!)

Would guys like to see a video or blog post on this look? Maybe even both? This was such a fun look for me to do because I usually lean towards the warmer tones but I really love the grays of this eye makeup.

Well that’s all I have to say for now. Hope you all are well! -Monair



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