Music I Listen To When I Gym

If you’ve followed me since I started my blog you know that my first love for music is trance music. So recently I’ve started listening to more techno when I’m at the gym and oh god, it is just perfect for my workout. I recently made a “Gym Music” playlist on my soundcloud. So if you ever wonder what music I workout to and what keeps me really on my feet and pumped up, here it is. It has a mix of techno & trance, I’ll be adding more later onto it, so if you enjoy it be sure to like it!

Currently I’m listening to this set from Flug –

Absolute perfection. Hearing this live on great speakers is so amazing! Ah. I’m so excited for Beyond Wonderland in March!

Also, follow me on spotify as well if you like electronic music! You can search me by ‘Monair’ 🙂

Hope you all have a wonderful day wherever you are! -Monair

PS – I’ll try to film my Valentines day eye makeup look this weekend! ❤


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