Makeup Tutorial Video for Past Fall Inspired Look Coming Soon

Hi all. Last night I finally got around to filming a video for my past fall inspired look. I just want to say that it definitely will not look as professional as other youtubers videos because I had some difficulties at some points (Ex – I couldn’t film the end of the video because both of my cameras died on me). But I’m going to be making notes of the issues for future videos. Eeps I’m kind of excited to upload it. I’ll be editing it this week (starting tonight) and hopefully get it up by Tuesday or Wednesday. I’ll be sure to provide the link on my blog once it’s done! I’ve provided a picture of what the makeup looks like. Would you guys like product details? I’ll provide them in the video description box but if you have any questions on what products I used don’t be afraid to ask! Cheers -Monair

PS – I used my Canon 5D Mark II to film and a LED video light. I’m hoping to invest in a ring light later on. Also I applied to Ulta Beauty as a Beauty Advisor and I’m thinking about applying to Sephora too. I’m kind of nervous. A lot of people have been telling me that I should considering freelancing so I most likely will end up doing that as well hehe.


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