Past Fall Inspired Eye Look

Hi all! I know that we are way into winter now and fall is long gone but I really could not resist making a post dedicated to one of my favorite eye looks that I have done in October. This eye look consists of gold and auburn shades.

It’s a really simple eye look yet it incorporates a dramatic winged liner, lashes, and a pink lip. Of course, you can always change it up as to how you like it! I’m simply just posting this to (hopefully) inspire you. Like I said above, this has got to be my favorite eye look that I have ever done! The products that I used for this look were the Urban Decay Naked palette and Chanel Trio eyeshadow. My liner is NYC liquid liner and I also lined my waterline with Rimmel Scandal eyes eyeliner pencil in nude and I lined my lower lashline with Buxom eyeliner pencil in Call Me. My top lashes are Natalie by Flutter Lashes and my bottom lashes are Precious by House of Lashes. Keep on reading if you’re interested on how I achieved this look! I’ll try my best to explain in detail on how I achieved it, but no promises! Haha.

The first thing I always do when applying my eye makeup is prime my lids. I useChaneld Urban Decay’s Primer Potion in Original and MAC’s Paint Pot in Soft Ochre on top. It is
not necessary to apply both but I have really oily lids and that is just what works for me! The point in priming your lids is that it will allow your eye makeup to last all day without creasing. It’s an extremely important step in my opinion! Although there are some shadows that stay on without primer, I suggest priming your lids all the time.  Anyway lets get to the actual eye makeup shades. The first shade I applied was from the Chanel Trio palette. I don’t think they sell the trio palettes anymore because I have not been able to locate them on their website but I may be wrong. Anyway, this shade is used as my crease (transition) color and also in the inner corner and outer corner of my eyes. I applied it with a Sigma E25 Blending Brush. Below I have provided a collage of the eye makeup up close.

When applying that auburn-ish shade, you want to make sure you keep the center of your lid clean. We want the center of the lid to be for the pop of color, which in this case is the gold (Keep in mind that you can achieve this eye look with whatever colors you would like. tumblr_nho4brxNaC1qa55slo1_1280You do not have to use the shades that I have shown!). With that being said, be sure to CAREFULLY blend the auburn shade making sure that none of it is on the center of the lid. I call this method the sandwich effect. I also did the same method to my lower lashline. After applying the auburn shade to my crease, inner and outer corner of my eye I then began working with the center of the lid. The gold I used was from the Urban Decay Naked palette called Half Baked. You can apply the center shade wet or dry. I prefer to use a shimmery shade wet because it looks more metallic looking. Like I said before, please feel free to change this look up to your liking. You can do the sandwich effect method with ANY color it’s really just up to your preference.

Moving on now, I applied half baked with my shader brush from Sonia Kashuk and used my MaHalfBakedc Fix+ to wet it. To be honest, I have had my Naked palette for a few years now and I’m not that in love with it to create a full on look with the palette but I am extremely in love with this gold color! The Naked palettes just don’t impress me that much although I really love the Naked 3 if I had to pick out of all three of them. When applying half baked (or any other shadow that I’m going to use for the lid for that matter), I ALWAYS use a patting motion never a swiping/sweeping motion. Once I finished applying the center color, I basically finished the eye look with a winged liner and falsies!


This look is so simple to create and I only used TWO shades! Here is another picture of the finished look. This is my favorite eye look of all time and it seems to be a favorite of my friends as well. If you follow me on tumblr, you know that I’ll be posting more on my wordpress when it comes to my personal life, makeup, and music. I look really forward to sharing my daily and weekly adventures with you guys (although I’m sure some of you won’t care about a strangers life) but this is also for me to reflect on my life in the future. This is why I always say that I would never delete my tumblr, it has too many memories on there that I want to remember forever. I really got inspired to start using this blog more when I looked at my friends blog (thanks Jen hehe). If you have any questions about anything beauty related or anything else, don’t be afraid to ask. Til next time!


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